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Welcome (back) to the UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics! The Department is currently undergoing many exciting changes. We will start accepting new graduate students as of Fall 2013 into our newly reconfigured PhD program. Our faculty is committed to the state-of-the-art research in the areas such as language acquisition, neurobiology of language, evolution of language, discourse analysis, discourse grammar, critical applied linguistics, translation theory, embodiment, gesture, situated cognition, human interaction, service learning, language and identity, and multilingualism. A group of affiliated faculty also join and enrich the department’s research and teaching missions in the areas of heritage languages, discourse analysis of Asian languages, language ideology, linguistic anthropology, endangered languages, language policies, ethnography of speaking, and more.

Our undergraduate Major in Applied Linguistics has attracted many students, and in less than three years, we have more than thirty students studying in our Department. We are also strengthening our African Languages Major. Many of our undergraduate majors are interested in language teaching and they become excellent teachers with...
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