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 We knew Roger and Sonia when Mary was on the TESL faculty from 1982 to 1988. (Technologically, those were ancient times: faculty members did not have individual phone lines and manuscripts were produced on typewriters.) We remember what a conscientious scholar and teacher Roger was, always working hard (at one of his two campus offices, so that he couldn't always be located immediately). He would, however, inevitably turn up with some new and intriguing question, comment, or ongoing puzzle about the relationships between language structure and language learning, which he would share with students and colleagues, turning over every possible angle and applying it to many different languages to assess its reach. We also remember his clear affection for his family, his quiet pride in Sonia's accomplishments and his daughters' achievements in school (or on the ice rink). Our heartfelt sympathy to them and to other family members and friends on his premature passing.

Mary McGroarty and Patrick Deegan
Flagstaff, Arizona

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