Current PhD Students

Gail Fox Adams
BA in English Literature from DePaul University, BA in Spanish from Northeastern Illinois University, and MA in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University
Her studies are preparing her to be a developmental neurolinguist with a specialization in atypical and typical language acquisition. She is especially interested in the neurobiology of language learning, including pre-linguistic emotional and interactional development. She is also interested in autism and schizophrenia. Having spent almost a decade working in the field of adult and family education, she plans to conduct research that contributes to language learning and teaching in clinical and community settings. Methods that she uses include ethnography, conversation/talk-in-interaction analysis, and micro-ethnography.

Mayumi Ajioka
BA in International & Cultural Studies and MA in Language Education from Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan
A research student in Graduate School of Language Sciences, Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS), 2005-07. Her research interests in Japan focused on L2 reading comprehension & vocabulary acquisition. Her current interest is to explore language acquisition and learner language of JFL (Japanese as a Foreign Language) learners.

Kinda Al-Rifae

Laura Amador

Eun Young Bae

Jung Yun Choi

Lindy Comstock

Deogracia Cornelio

Yoshiko Fukuyasu

Bahiyyih Hardacre

BA in English Language and Literature, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil), MA in Applied Linguistics & TESL from UCLA

Bahiyyih is interested in the responsivity of the autonomic nervous system to the surrounding environment and how it affects language use in dyadic and small group conversations. Her M.A. focused on the applicability of the Polyvagal Theory to second language acquisition studies when paired with the Willingness to Communicate psychological framework. Her doctoral research focuses on interactive social engagement behaviors. As a trainee in the Center for Culture, Brain, and Development, she hopes to develop an in-depth understanding of cross-disciplinary research methodologies so that she can successfully contribute to the consolidation of this still unexplored track in the field of applied linguistics.

Faculty mentor: John Schumann

Chi-hua Hsiao

Olga Ivanova

BA in African & Oriental Studies from St. Petersburg State University in Russia and MA in African Languages in Context from Hamburg University in Germany.
Olga Ivanova is interested in the analysis of media discourse in African Languages.

Stormy M. Iverson

Trevor Kann

Jeremy Kelley

BA in French & Francophone Studies from UCLA and MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Cal State Los Angeles
Research Interests: Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Ethnography of Communication, Multimodalities, Language and Gender, LGBTQ Studies, Pop-Culture, Social Identities, Discourse Identities.

Soyeon Kim

Jin Hee Lee

Yu-Hui (Daphne) Lee

Ni Eng Lim

Kristen Lindblom

Jori Lindley
BA in Linguistics and Russian Language & Literature from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and MA in Applied Linguistics from UCLA
Research Interests: Functional Grammar / Cognitive Linguistics, Constructions, Collocations, Idiomaticization & Grammaticalization, Syntactic Resonance & Priming, Discourse Analysis.

Hsin-Min Liu

Adrienne Lynett
BA in English Literature with a minor in Political Science from UCLA and MA in Linguistics from Georgetown University
Adrienne is interested in first and second language acquisition, multilingualism, political and media discourse, and sociolinguistic variation. She is particularly interested in issues affecting language-minority populations, both in the U.S. and internationally. She has been known to speak Spanish (decently), French (poorly), and Swahili (abysmally).

Lauren Mason Carris
BA in Anthropology and a Spanish Minor from University of California, Santa Barbara, and MA in Applied Linguistics & TESL from UCLA
Lauren came to UCLA in 2002 after teaching ESL in a public middle school in southern California. Her research interests focus on the relationships between language, race/ethnicity, and other social identities in interaction and communication. As a scholar/activist/educator, Lauren has found meaningful ways to connect her research to issues related to language teaching and learning, particularly for socially and linguistically marginalized populations.

Ashley Micklos

Afaf Nash

Mai Han Nyugen

Ingrid Norrmann-Vigil
BA in Linguistics and French with a minor in Spanish Linguistics from UCLA and MA in Spanish from UCLA

Michael S. Smith

R. Lila Steinberg

BA in Linguistics and MA in Linguistics/TESL from Cal State Northridge
Research Interests: Discourse Analysis, Civic and Political Discourse, Conversation Analysis, Media Discourse, Ethnography of Communication, Embodiment, Language and Gender.

Valeria Valencia